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“The 3 keys to success are… Timing, Strategies and Management. Shockingly, most doctors never learn how to apply these throughout their entire career; yet within the first three months of being our client, you will realize the financial benefit of applying these strategies in your practice.”

– Dr. Rodden


Dr. Jeff (Florida)

Signing up with DJR was one of the best business decisions I have made in my 10 years of practice. I knew I wanted to have a multi-specialty practice, but I didn’t know exactly how to build it. DJR gave me all of the tools and has been a great resource. The investment in DJR had paid for itself exponentially within the first year.


Dr. Nathan (Arkansas)

I graduated from Logan in December of 2006 opened my first practice in a small town in northwest Arkansas. I could not have done so without the guidance of the DJR T.E.A.M. They helped me make critical decisions all along the way; from getting the business loan and leasing my office space, to operating a multi-disciplinary practice from day one. I have saved enough money in the process to more than pay for my consulting fee.  I now look forward to developing the best health care clinic in my area and providing service beyond belief.




Dr. Angie (Arizona)

When I joined DJR in Sep 2013 I had an associate DC, 2 LMT’s, 3 employees in a 2000 sq foot office. One year later we moved to our current 7000 sq foot office and we now have 4 DC’s, 2 PT’s, an MD, acupuncturist, an athletic trainer and 2 LMT’s and 20 employees. Before joining DJR we grossed just under $600,000 but we are excited to report that we have collected $1.4M to date this year (just 2 years after joining DJR). In just one year we have outgrown our physical therapy space and are about to take over an additional 5000 sq foot exclusively for the PT/ fitness space. Our plan for 2016 is to have at least 5 full time therapists (PT/ PTA’s), an additional MD and while it has been a LOT of hard work, we are kicking some butt and I could not have done it without DJR.




Dr. Frank (Texas)

I am happy to provide a reference for DJR Consulting, a firm that I have worked with for more than 6 years. I’ve found Dr. Rodden and his staff to be extremely knowledgeable in the multi-disciplinary medical consulting field and have always ran this consulting firm with integrity, dependability and the consulting advice that they give has always been in an ethical manner. When I initially decided to open a multi-disciplinary practice, I researched other consulting firms but found that Dr. Rodden had a much more personable approach to his consulting methods. Dr. Rodden assisted me with setting up the physical therapy department, adding various medical disciplines from general practitioners, to pain management physicians. His staff has always been there for billing and collecting questions/issues, assistance in training the staff on policies and procedures as well as implementation of protocols. I not only consider Dr. Rodden as my mentor but also a true friend who has personally assisted me during some of the toughest times in my career allowing me maintain fortitude and ultimately continue in a positive direction. I’m happy to recommend DJR to anyone seeking counsel in the multi-disciplinary setting.