If you can dream it you can have it…that quote was made famous by Walt Disney and is the foundation for everything DJR Consulting represents to our clients.

As professional healthcare Business Consultants we teach doctors how to manage their practices using the same principles that are Dr. D. J. Rodden seen in Fortune 500 companies with a one-on-one mentoring to each client that guides them through each phase of their practice growth and development.

We consult with small to large practices, new or established chiropractic, medical & multi-specialty groups, all ages of clients and practices in rural communities and large cities.

We cater our consulting programs around your individual needs. Through an extensive Practice Analysis, your personal consulting coach will understand your dreams and goals and will provide you the customized plan along with private mentoring that will help ensure your success. We do not endorse the cookie cutter consulting approach, although it can be effective, it seldom gives the direction necessary for long-term success and financial freedom.

The 3 keys to success are Timing, Strategies and Management, yet most doctors never learn how to apply these in their entire career yet within the first three months of being our client, you will realize the financial benefit of applying these strategies in your practice.

The simple words… Do What Others Don’t Do So You Can Have What Others Don’t Have
are the result of knowing what do, how to do it, what works and what doesn’t. Our clients are on the cutting edge. They are doing things months and even years before most other doctors, thus they have an advantage. We want you to have this advantage and learn the secrets that work.

DJR Consulting will help you turn your practice into a successful profit center. While some of our clients continue full-time clinical practice and earn large six figure incomes, others become CEO’s of an auto-pilot, passive income, multi-specialty group practice, work part-time and earn up to seven figures annually.

Ask yourself…are you earning the income, living the lifestyle, traveling, owning the luxuries life has to offer and planning for early retirement? All the things you imagined while you studied so hard in school can be yours…the decision is yours.

Unfortunately, medical and chiropractic schools do not teach business skills. After all most doctors never accomplish their financial goals, seldom free themselves of debt and rarely retire before age 70…but you can !

Long ago, I studied how corporate America operated, how entrepreneurs succeeded, how companies successfully manage people and finances but most of all how CEO’s earned million dollar incomes while playing gold and vacationing two months a year.

By networking with successful people, mentoring with millionaire doctors and applying success strategies, we created the auto-pilot, passive income multi-specialty group practice capable of producing the owner millions of dollars in annual revenues, seven figure net profits, four weeks vacation and peace of mind that their practice will be the best investment they ever made.

Our clients have peace of mind. They don’t worry about failure, investigations & fraud, because we all operate by the highest standard of honesty, integrity, quality & compliance to all federal, state and professional rules and regulations that can be measured.

Our philosophy is simple…work hard & play hard. We can help anyone can achieve success – It doesn’t matter if you are 30 or 60, practice in a metropolitan city or a small town. Your family deserves the best. You worked hard and earned it…now join the doctors who are living their dreams by doing whatever it takes.

DJR clients are making dreams come true. The difference between them and most other doctors is that they made the decision to take charge of their lives. Please make that decision yourself. I look forward to meeting you soon & being part of your success.

In Health, Wealth & Happiness,
Dr. D. J. Rodden